Bad A/V

Anti-Virus software isn’t just a pain in the ass for PC users and techs alike, but it can also cause major headaches for small developers.  Compound aggressive and sloppy heuristics with the fact that my software in particular is very powerful and has many capabilities – for both good and evil so to speak – and you can easily realize that my software is a natural target for many A/V engines.

If you are receiving a detection, I encourage you to fill out a false positive submission with the vendor, via the software if possible or the website if not.  Likewise I will do the same – in some cases an A/V vendor will have a special submission form for software developers.  The more people we get filing false positives, the better the odds are of getting these detections removed/whitelisted.  Below is a list of A/V vendors / links to their false positive submission forms:

If you need to report a new detection to me, please use the contact form below.  I will need details on the specific A/V and definitions version, and which components were detected and under what detection name, in order to successfully submit false positive reports with the vendor.  If you do not have them, then please do NOT submit this form until you do.  Note also that it is critical to report the A/V brand, version and definitions version, and detection name given — the A/V vendors ALWAYS ask for this information and rarely help if you don’t have it.

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Don’t expect much; especially the larger companies don’t like to change their minds.  For example, D7 can retrieve the Windows product key – that can be used for legitimate purposes and very illegitimate purposes.  For this reason certain detections from certain vendors will likely never be removed – and at best the ‘threat’ level may be downgraded to their ‘potentially unwanted programs’ category.

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