d7 and dSupportSuite now integrate with RepairShopr!

December 6, 2013 in 3rd Party Apps, d7, dSupportSuite

What is RepairShopr?

RepairShopr is an all-in-one system integrating tickets, CRM, invoices, and marketing in a simple, easy-to-use platform designed specifically for computer repair shops. The streamlined workflow allows you to increase shop efficiency while powerful leads and marketing tools help you build customer relationships to grow your business.

d7 Integration

Currently RepairShopr can receive reports from d7′s email reports feature (including the system information report, activity logs, malware logs, etc.) and save / display all of the various reports under your customer / ticket number in RepairShopr’s console.  This requires the ticket number to be prompted for within d7, the word ‘d7′ to appear in the email subject (as it does by default), and reports should be emailed unzipped from d7 to your ticket reply email configured in RepairShopr.

dSupportSuite Integration

Currently RepairShopr has a powerful integration for receiving dSupportSuite’s daily Heartbeat emails.  The really neat thing about this feature is that you can have RepairShopr configured to receive all of your daily Heartbeats instead of having to receive them and filter through them yourself, then it can email you an alert only when necessary.  Not only will you receive the reports through RepairShopr’s console, but RepairShopr can be configured to alert you when the Heartbeat emails fail to be received for xx number of days.  Also if the Heartbeat email contains certain terminology/phrases (completely configurable) RepairShopr can alert you automatically in this event, ex. “virus detected, failing, disk error” etc. etc.   dSupportSuite must be configured to email the Heartbeats to your ticket reply email configured in RepairShopr.


I will be following up soon with a Youtube video on configuration of both products for these features, and what to expect from usage.

Also note that this is just the beginning of my collaboration with the folks at RepairShopr.  While nothing specific is currently planned for future integrations and collaboration, we are leaving discussions open as to what more can be done to add value to both of our product lines, while making your life easier as a tech.  If you are a user of both of our products and you have a neat idea for an integration between them, please let us know!

Click here for the Setup KB from RepairShopr