CryptoPrevent Premium

CryptoPrevent is FREE software, however CryptoPrevent Premium (formerly Automatic Update Edition) is a premium / paid feature designed for users who may want to purchase for the convenience of keeping CryptoPrevent up-to-date automatically.  Note that this is NOT required for basic usage – this is entirely optional!


  • Worry free, hands free, automatic and silent updating on a daily schedule.
  • NEW!  Email alert option to notify you via email when an application is blocked.  (email setup required.)
  • Keeping CryptoPrevent current provides the latest protection and compatibility.  Malware updates itself!  Shouldn’t you update CryptoPrevent to keep it relevant?

One-time cost, Protect all of your Home PCs, Get Updates for Life.

CryptoPrevent Premium is a one-time charge – you pay once, can install the software on ALL of your Home PCs, and you get updates for the entire life of the product!

Business / Commercial Usage:

Business and commercial usage require one license per PC, but get the same great benefit of updates for the life of the product.  Contact me for details on BULK pricing at significant discounts!  With any bulk purchase, a custom installer will be created for your deployment needs without the requirement of entering in product keys, email settings, etc. etc.

How it works:

  • Purchase CryptoPrevent Premium below.  You will soon receive a confirmation email with a product key for CryptoPrevent.
  • Install CryptoPrevent from the download on this page, and copy/paste in your product key provided in the registration email.
  • CryptoPrevent sets a daily schedule to check my servers, and applies protection to your PC.  That’s all you need to do!
  • CryptoPrevent will then check my servers daily, and update the application when necessary (re-applying the latest protection methods automatically after each update.)  CryptoPrevent won’t interrupt and nag you about updating – it is entirely automatic and silent.  All that is required is that your PC be running at the scheduled update time.
CryptoPrevent Premium Edition
Enable CryptoPrevent Automatic Updates
Enable email alerts on blocked applications!
One purchase covers ALL of your Home PCs
(Commercial usage requires one purchase per PC)
Current protection automatically, for the lifetime of the product!

Download “CryptoPrevent Installer” CryptoPreventSetup.exe – Downloaded 142998 times – 793 kB