Network Profiles Utility

Current Version: 1.0.2  (removed nag screens as app is now entirely free.)

Here is a nice little utility I wrote to backup and restore network profiles. Features include:

  • Easy Backup/Restore of Wireless Network Connection Profiles (Vista/7/8 only)
  • Easy Backup/Restore of IP and DNS settings (if either are STATIC and not assigned by DHCP)
  • Program can be configured to automatically backup/restore settings with one click, by merely launching the app.
  • If a backup for the current system is available it will be restored.
  • When no existing backup is available, your profile backups will be generated.
  • Fully portable app contained in a single EXE file, no install required!

The utility is convenient for end users, computer repair techs, and network admins to restore wireless connection settings and static IP/DNS configuration settings after format/reloading a PC, replacing a PC with a newer one, or even deploying wireless connection profiles and/or static DNS settings to multiple PCs.


  • Wireless Connection Profile backup is dependent upon technologies that exist only in Windows 7/8, sorry no Windows XP support! Vista may export/import profiles successfully but may not actually import the wireless password – this is untested.
  • Cannot be run from a UNC path.


  • PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL use of this application is FREE

Download “Network Profiles Utility” – Downloaded 3259 times – 97 kB