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v8 Bulk License Packs


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What you’ve been waiting for is here!

CryptoPrevent Version 8 was released October 31st with exciting new features like our new FolderWatch Protection and HoneyPot Detection, We also beefed up the number of Software Restriction Policies from around 400 to over 3500 with the higher protection levels, added a QuickAccess SystemTray Notification,updated the filter module with d7x technology, updated malware definitions, and integrated KillEmAll v5.

Exciting News! Until now you’ve only been able to purchase CPv8 in single quantities or our White-Label reseller packs.  Starting today you will be able to get bulk packs of CPv8 in quantities of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.

CryptoPrevent v8 Bulk License Packs
Available Here!

New Features Included in Version 8

FolderWatch Protection
Going past just Software Restriction Policies and improving on what Filter Module provides in protection. FolderWatch will allow CPv8 to monitor and protect folders from items that match the new and improved malware definitions included with CPv8.  Customize which folders are protected (beyond standard user folders) with the Premium Version (including CPv7 lifetime licenses).

HoneyPot Detection via Folder Watch Protection
This is the feature we are most excited about providing in CPv8.  If ransomware does manage to get through your other defenses, the HoneyPot Detection feature will limit or even prevent the encryption of files on a computer.  This feature will be one of our first Premium Only Protection options in CryptoPrevent.  (Because we feel it is that good, but CPv7 lifetime licenses will have it included!)
How does it work:
-creates and monitors honey pot files on selected FolderWatch folders
-when malicious activity is detected all processes are terminated and user is prompted to shutdown or reboot (customizable options will be provided in the White-Label Edition!)

Updated Filter Module
Filter Module has also been completely re-written from the ground up using the d7x technology platform Nick has been working on.  Improved performance, improved compatibility and  more updates to come as the d7x platform continues to evolve. This will also take advantage of the new and improved malware definitions being included with CPv8.

Updated Malware Defintions
The malware hash definitions have been completely redesigned and a significant number of hashes have been added including hashes of samples we have found or have been submitted to us.  There is also a new Expanded Definition set that includes even more definitions although these may carry a risk of having a higher false positive rate.  The malware definitions backend has also undergone improvements on our side to provide a more regularly scheduled release ability automatically.

QuickAccess SystemTray Notification
Providing the ability to review or quickly change CryptoPrevent protections (like when you need to lower protections to install certain software or run backup operations.  Convenient access to KillEmAll and balloon notifications of when files execution is prevent, files are quarantined or when HoneyPot Detection has been activated.  This feature will be Premium Only option.  (CPv7 lifetime licenses will have this included)

KillEmAll v5
KillEmAll v5 will be integrated into CPv8.  Based on the d7x technology platform, this feature provides quick, efficient process termination when you can’t trust the “X-button” to close a window.  From malicious pop-up windows, to sites that display unmovable windows, to programs that just won’t exit…KillEmAll stops them dead in their tracks.  This can be accessed from the main CPv8 interface for all edtions (including the free version) but comes in handy the most from the QuickAccess SystemTray feature (which is Premium Only) and plays a major role in the HoneyPot Detection feature as well (which is also Premium Only) (CPv7 lifetime licenses will have these premium features included)

Updated Software Restriction Policies
The protection that started it all has been vastly updated to attempt to protect your system even more.  With over 2500+ just on minimum protection level with up to 3500+ on higher protection levels, new extensions will be blocked as well as new preventions of certain windows features/applications that can be used maliciously against your files.  Even more software restriction protections options are in planning/internal testing phases, so there is still even more to come after CPv8 is released.

Click Here for Coupon Codes!

Click Here for Coupon Codes!

Windows 10 KillemAll Whitelist Addition Needed for “sihost.exe” and other Win10 Info Fri, 04 Sep 2015 21:19:24 +0000 When KillEmAll is run on Windows 10 you may get a critical error message of “Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”  It offers to “Sign out now” button to fix the issue (and this does fix the issue in this situation), but it uses and Always on top window that gets aggravating trying to work around.  If you add the “sihost.exe” to the whitelist of KillEmAll this will not kill that process which is apparently required for the Windows 10 Start Menu to work.

The default malware lists and the customized d7ii additional downloads on the dMZ have already been updated to reflect this and Nick will be adding this to the internal whitelist of KillEmAll for the d7x version coming soon.

Also we noted on today’s Happy Foolish Fun Time Hour that wlms.exe being killed will cause a system to shutdown and/or reboot, but normally this process will only be running on trail or limited versions of Windows.  Since this is just good to know information we’re not adding to the Whitelist but Nick will be adding a System Info Alert to the System Info page to let you know if this program is running and that you may be on a limited or trail version of Windows.

We found, as well, that when “End Session” with all “Close and Delete this App and All Tools” is used on Windows 10 the system must be shutdown or rebooted afterwards or there may be issues with the Start Menu or other features.  We believe this is because Explorer.exe is restarted during this process but launched in the Administrator context that d7ii is running under and this may interfere with how Windows 10 is running in the user context.  Since this is only happening at the end of a session when you have completed work on a system, a shutdown or reboot of the system would be advised after you perform this action since you wouldn’t want a user  to use the system under that context.  d7II currently offers to shutdown the system at the end of that process and d7x will have the option to restart the system after that process.

Searchable IT Services/PC Repair Business Public Database Fri, 19 Jun 2015 16:56:58 +0000 Attention all PC Repair Business Owners, MSPs, and other IT Service Providers including any CryptoPrevent Resellers:  We are happy to announce the Tech Directory, a new searchable IT Services/PC Repair business public database.

We get a lot of web traffic from various home users and businesses with a lot of troubles, and we have always wanted a way to provide them with a the opportunity to find local and reputable IT/PC Repair services.  Our new Tech Directory exists to assist anyone in finding local IT Services provided by knowledgeable professionals, using the best tools in the industry, who proudly stand behind their top quality work.

The Tech Directory will be made public and promoted to CryptoPrevent users everywhere via various marketing/advertising mediums, and it contains search capabilities based on City, State, Country, and Company Name.  From the Tech Directory anyone can search for a local business in their area specializing in PC Repair, Malware Removal, and other IT Services.

If you represent a business Powered by d7II and would like to appear in our public Tech Directory, you may sign up in your dMZ account here (you must be logged in to your dMZ account; d7II subscribers without dMZ access may request Starter access here, which is now included with every existing d7II subscription.)  The only information we require for inclusion in the Tech Directory is your business or operating name, website and city/state for public record, and a private ‘account email’ address for our staff to identify and communicate with the record owner if necessary.

All d7II subscribers also have access to digital / printable Powered by d7II promotional materials for your website, physical location or store front, and various marketing materials. Promotional materials may also be found in the dMZ as they become available.

There has been no marketing promotion of the Tech Directory to date, but the database is public as of now.  This weekend we will be working to bring promotion of the Tech Directory to our website in the CryptoPrevent pages and site navigation system, and by Tuesday we plan to send a newsletter to our entire subscriber list promoting the new Tech directory.  Get signed up soon!

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Upgraded Website! (Though some resources may not be available today…) Wed, 13 May 2015 12:08:52 +0000 Last night we transferred to a new server and website!  Look!  Ain’t it purdier!  Ain’t it must faster?!  Yay!  

Unfortunately the move was rushed due to some issues with the old server, so not all site resources are available.

Notably this includes our free software product pages and our paid dMZ content.

The dMZ content is of course being worked on at the moment and should be available shortly.

The free software pages, not so much..  To be honest, the PAGES are still there (imported from the old site) and you can search them with the site’s search function (or Google) however they won’t jive with the differences in theme, and lets face it, it would be nice to have them all looking nice — or at have a consistent look — before they are officially added back to the website’s navigation menus.

We appreciate your patience during this website/server upgrade!

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dMZd7II Adv Tips Video: Troubleshooting with dFunk – Finding Log Files Thu, 26 Feb 2015 16:01:22 +0000 Frequently in troubleshooting it is helpful to know if a log file was created by an application or Windows itself.

Presented by Nick, the developer of d7II, this video details how to use some tricks with d7II/dFunk’s file search filters to find log files in specific locations or anywhere on the partition.

Added 02/26/2015  (dMZ “d7II Advanced Tech Tips” videos require the dMZ Standard access membership level or higher.)

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dMZ d7II downloads now freely available. Tue, 13 Jan 2015 12:07:13 +0000 dSupportOnline/dMZ additional d7II downloads are now freely available to all d7II subscribers!

As of now, the newer d7II default custom apps configurations and Ketarin profile are being pushed out to all d7II subscribers via d7II’s internal update mechanism.

That isn’t all, however.  There are also auto mode profiles, templates, whitelists, and more!  While this content isn’t yet on the Foolish IT website, it has been made public in its current home on dSupportOnline’s website here.

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New at the dMZ: New d7II Custom Apps and SPECIAL introductory savings! Fri, 10 Oct 2014 11:52:06 +0000 New d7II Custom Apps:

We’ve added some NEW d7II Custom Apps to the dMZ, including herdProtect, Should I Remove It, Everything Search Engine, and 4 new Emsisoft a2cmd configurations.  Download them today!


Current Introductory Pricing and Specials:

Standard Access Includes:  

  • Self-guided d7II personal training and d7II malware removal videos
  • d7II video series: d7II Release Notes in Video, d7II Quick Tips, and d7II Under the Hood
  • Custom configurations and definition downloads for d7II
  • Custom app requests and early release access
  • 10% off all additional dSupportOnline services and 15% off all Foolish IT software
  • Additional content added and updated throughout the year
CURRENT SPECIAL:  $99 1st year!  ($50 savings!)  Sign up now!
* special expires October 31st


Pro Access Includes:  
  • All content included with Standard Access.
    • (Reg. $149 1st yr. / $99 subsequent years.)
  • 2 hours of premium dApp support including phone/remote options PER YEAR.
    • (Reg. $200 value PER YEAR.)
  • Attendance to one webinar of your choice FIRST YEAR ONLY.
    • (Reg. $150 value.)
($250 savings 1st year, $100 savings subsequent years.)  Sign up now!


Expert Access Includes:
  • All content included with Standard Access.
    • (Reg. $149 1st yr. / $99 subsequent years.)
  • 2 hours of premium dApp support including phone/remote options PER YEAR.
    • (Reg. $200 value PER YEAR.)
  • Attendance to one webinar of your choice EVERY YEAR SUBSCRIBED.
    • (Reg. $150 value PER YEAR.)
  • 2 hour Personal Training Session FIRST YEAR ONLY.
    • (Reg. $200 value.)
  • 1 hour Follow-up Training Session FIRST YEAR ONLY.
    • (Reg. $50 value.)
  • Q&A with the Developer during the above Training Sessions
    • (Reg. $50 value.)
  • Custom Logo Setup Service for dApps (we make the logos look like they should in your dApps)
    • Priceless.
($400 savings 1st year, $200 subsequent years.)  Sign up now!
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New dMZ Video Content Wed, 08 Oct 2014 16:47:02 +0000 New Video Series:  d7II Release Notes in Video – this is a new video series which highlights the release notes from a notable d7II release, demonstrating new features and functionality, and explaining in detail any existing functionality that has been modified or improved and its impact on your daily routine.  These videos will give you a jump start on getting the most out of d7II improvements as they occur!!  New Sneek Peek Video Here!

New Video Series:  d7II Under the Hood – this is a new video series that aims to show you exactly what d7II is doing behind the status messages, even down to what files/directories/registry entries are being manipulated and why.  You would be surprised at everything that occurs ‘under the hood’ in d7II when you click just one button!  This series isn’t just for those curious about d7II, it is also for those who strive to learn more, in order to become more knowledgeable at their craft.  New Sneek Peek Video Here!

New d7II Quick Tip Videos:  The Quick Tip video collection has doubled since the official dMZ announcement on Friday, adding topics such as Custom App Chaining, Registry Shortcuts, the dual purpose Links menu, and more!  Even as you read this, newer video content has been released and more videos are being developed!

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New d7II Release Notes in Video only in the dMZ Sun, 05 Oct 2014 09:32:47 +0000 The dMZ has a new video series, and that is d7II Release Notes in Video.

This takes the approach of educating you on new and improved functionality as it is released, by giving you a video demonstration and explaining step by step how to get the most out of the changes.

There isn’t a particular release schedule for the new videos, nor will there be one for every d7II release — that would be CRAZY with the rapid pace of releases. If any release is skipped, and if it had anything valuable to cover, then it will be covered in the next video.

The new series is exclusive to the dMZ, and beyond the occasional preview release it won’t be available elsewhere. You can get a preview now with the Release Notes for v3.2.6 here:

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